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A fairy tale villa filled with colour and curiosities

Article by Simply You

Beauty mogul Rowena Roberts’ villa is a monument to art, cosmetics and colour.

What is your day job?
I have a partnership with the Estée Lauder Companies and own and operate free-standing MAC stores in Britomart, Ponsonby, St Lukes and Botany, the Jo Malone London boutique in Britomart and the only free-standing Bobbi Brown store in New Zealand, which is also in Britomart.

How is your lifestyle reflected in your wardrobe?
I never leave home without being fully made-up and I always dress up for work, you just feel a whole lot better about yourself when you know you are looking your best.

Describe your personal style.
On trend, but only if it suits me. I’m a huge fan of Trelise Cooper, especially her Boardroom collections.

How do you organise your wardrobe?
The artists/stylists in my stores wear black, so I also have a huge black wardrobe. It’s easy to wear any colours on your lips and eyes if you’re wearing black clothes. My wardrobe is organised with three rails of black, then evening dresses, then colour. I have square shelving for sweaters and t-shirts, then handbags running along the top and more shelves for shoes. Organisation is my middle name.

What three words describe your wardrobe?
Timeless. Elegant. Beautiful.

What is one item you can never throw away?
I actually have two: an original sample of a Mary Quant Ginger Group velvet dress and an original vintage Yves St Laurent tuxedo. I live in hope that I’ll be able to squeeze into them again one day!

Words by: Diana Clarke
Photography by: Sally Tagg

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