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A colourful Napier home nestled among the trees

Nestled among the trees, high above the road, a home bursting with history cleverly marries its two halves

Who lives here?
Gernot Goex (retired owner of Gernot’s Gold fruit preserves) and his partner, George, both originally from Berlin.

Gernot, what do you love about living in Hawke’s Bay?
We travelled all around New Zealand many times in the 1990s before settling in Napier in 2003. We love everything about it – the weather is beautiful, the people are friendly, there is amazing wine and fresh produce, and I love the sea. Our house is only a 10-minute walk to the CBD and 15 minutes to Ahuriri and the beach.

How did you link the new extension to the existing part of the house?
By matching the outside weatherboards and keeping the ceiling height the same so they flow together. But we wanted both halves to be defined. The new extension was built in the 21st century and we wanted to reflect that. The two halves run together seamlessly, but it’s quite obvious which half is which.

Style secrets

  • In dark rooms use dark paint, and in light rooms use light paint. Most people do the opposite, but white paint in a dark room can look dull. Instead, embrace the darkness by filling it with rich, saturated colour. In shadow, bright colours mellow slightly, so be bold with your colour choice.
  • Mix old and new pieces together. Contrasting old and new draws attention to the unique quality of each piece, and having a mix of furniture adds depth and interest to a room.
  • Compromise is key when renovating. If doing the painting yourself saves you money so that you can then spend it on that incredible light, or an amazing piece of art, then the choice is easy.
  • Unless you buy a house with the clear intention of selling up in a few years, design it for you. Be bold and choose fixtures that you love, rather than playing it safe with a future buyer in mind.


Words by: Vic Bibby. Photography by: Sarah Horn.

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