Planting in this Mission Bay, Auckland, garden is in full bloom

Planting in this Mission Bay, Auckland, garden has been slow and steady but it’s now in full bloom

Who lives here?
Robin Houlker (educational consultant) and Peter Houlker (accountant).

Robin, what would you advise people to do when planning a garden?
Try things out before buying in bulk. I have things in pots for a while to see what they need. Part of my garden is set aside for trial plants. Even if you love a plant, you’ve got to have the right place for it. And you have to accept that there will be certain things you just can’t grow.

Who designed this garden?
Landscape designer Kirsten Sach.

What is a key aspect of this garden?
Seasonality, with plenty of colour and scent no matter the time of year. In autumn the red-leaved maples pick up the colours of the clay roofs on neighbouring houses while in winter mass-planted clivia reflect the orange flames of the outdoor fireplace. In spring native renga renga lilies, bulbs and magnolias fill the air with scent, followed by roses in summer.

Photography by: Helen Bankers

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