Interior expert Alex Fulton’s bedroom style

Interior expert Alex Fulton shares this quaint bach in Sumner with husband Jeff, their two girls and dog Daisy


Alex, what attracted you to the bach’s location? We moved from Sumner to Blenheim four years ago and knew we would always be back in some capacity, so when we found this bach we jumped at the chance. We call it ‘Frank the Bach’. We love Frank.

Have you given it a total makeover from the original style? No, it’s pretty much as we bought it. We have only been in the bach for seven months but give me time…

Describe your bedroom style… A mix of Tex-Mex, retro remix and Scandi. ‘Design-fusion’ is my middle name (after colour!).


What do you love most about your bedroom? We have never had a view before so that comes out tops. We have always lived on the flat, so having this lower-slopes view while being surrounded by bush is such a treat. We sleep with the blinds open so we wake to the sunrise, the birds’ chorus and waves crashing. Bliss.

Are there any challenges you had to work around design-wise? It’s a very small space so storage and organisation is a must. It also had a horrid wall light sconce above the bed so we had that removed (and hung art over the hole) and now use accessory lights – which I prefer to ceiling lights, anyway.


Why did you choose this colour palette? I’m always looking for a new colour palette and for ‘Frank’ I liked the idea of mustards (or ‘poo brown’ as my husband calls it), dusty pinks, burnt oranges and denim blues.

I’m also a sucker for black and white

so they are added into the mix as graphic contrasts to the other tones

What’s your favourite item in the room? The Toucan side lamp I bought Jeff for Christmas (see photo above). It’s a 1960s original from Mr Bigglesworthy that glows red – it’s all sorts of awesome.


Have any items been made for the room? Bolt of Cloth in Christchurch custom-made the Roman blinds in monochromatic Marimekko fabric (‘Isot Kivet’). I asked them to make each blind start at a different point so that they are all different when up and down. They remind me of large pieces of art.

How much have you spent on your room? New bedding has been the only purchase; everything else is excess stuff from home.

Photos by: Kate Claridge

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