Give a shared kids’ room some individual style

It’s possible to give a shared bedroom an individual feel using cool and contemporary paint effects



Designing for two

Decorating a shared children’s room can be tricky, as the occupants are bound to have different ideas about how it should look. Search for some common ground between the two – a theme, colour or object that both kids love – and use this as your starting point. In this case, it was doughnuts, and the fun bedlinen is not only the perfect unisex choice but the springboard for the entire scheme.


Decor tips

Give each child a separate area of the room to decorate, so they both get a say in how the room will look.

For a cohesive feel consider getting two of the same key pieces of furniture, such as beds, desks and chests of drawers.

Reversible duvet covers mean you can use a different side on each bed so each bed has a different pattern, but the overall colour palette of the room stays the same.


Resene ‘Tussock’, Resene ‘Sunkissed’ and Resene ‘Quarter Alabaster’ have been used in this paint effect.


Paint tricks

The entrance wall to the room is painted in a diamond pattern that mimics the bedlinen design. Using painter’s masking tape, mark walls so each diamond is approximately 29cm high and 16cm wide. Paint diamonds with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and remove masking tape when dry.

Use toy boxes to keep a shared room tidy. Paint in Resene ‘Quarter Alabaster’ (white) then paint the diamond pattern on the front to continue the theme.

Consider dividing the room in half using a paint effect, so each child feels like they have their own zone. In this room, the wall behind the bed is painted in two different Resene colours (Resene ‘Sunkissed’ and Resene ‘Frozen’), separated by a diagonal line.

Text and styling by: Vanessa Nouwens
Photography by: Melanie Jenkins

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