How to style your bedroom to make it feel cosy this winter

Alex Walls shows us how to retreat from the cold this winter with a cosy bedroom layered with tactile fabrics and earthy hues 


How to create a cosy, chic bedroom this winter with Alex Walls

My favourite season of the year is winter because fashion and interiors are always so much more fun with layers of cosy knits and texture.

I just love hopping into bed in the middle of winter with my linen sheets and layers of blankets pulled up to my chin and a feather pillow beneath my head, knowing I can spend a good eight hours resting in my little nest of luxury (if the baby permits).


With this bedroom I have finally had the chance to use my favourite winter colour, a dark and sensuous green, which I’ve grounded with a floor of deepest, darkest blue. This palette creates a mysterious, intriguing feel and has allowed me to use a contrasting tone of terracotta on the bed which offers a surprising balance.

As always, I like to use textures and layers to create depth in the styling, rather than bold patterns and colours. Texture is a great way to establish a soft, warm atmosphere – just what you want in your winter bedroom.


Snuggle up to these ideas for a warm and cosy vibe

Animal hides. You can’t beat a layer of fur or faux fur for perfect snuggle factor, whether in a cushion, blanket or throw.

Chunky knit layers. Add a cosy, loose-knit blanket to the end of your bed for afternoon naps.

Wool under foot. Avoid hopping out of bed onto a freezing cold floor by adding a woollen looped rug under your bed. This strategy won’t just keep your toes toasty, it will make your room look warmer too.

Down inners. Down is the light, fluffy layer beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. Down feathers trap thousands of tiny air pockets within their filaments, creating a cosy, insulating effect. The more down feathers in a duvet or pillow, the warmer it will be.

Soft lighting. In a room with dark walls and floors like this one, you will need task lights to see what you are doing. However, to maintain the atmosphere of mystery and drama, I recommend installing a pendant fitting on a dimmer switch, or using a bedside lamp or floor lamp to create soft pools of light and areas of shadow when desired.

Styling by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Bayly & Moore.

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