Oversized florals make a dramatic statement in this stylist’s bedroom

Whether it’s to read, rest, sleep or snuggle, sometimes there’s nothing better than relaxing in bed. Take inspiration from this real-life bedroom and make your own the space the sanctuary you dream about and deserve


Oversized florals make a dramatic statement in this stylist’s bedroom

Event stylist Alanna Haysmith lives in an Auckland villa with her husband, mark, and three boys (with another baby on the way). After getting Otis, 7, and Moby, 5, off to school, Alanna spends quality time at home with her son, Somerset, sneaking in some work when he sleeps. The stunning white swan mirror adds another focal point to the room, and throws beautiful natural light back into the interior.

Mid-century pieces and vintage finds add an eclectic feel to the beautiful, grand space. The crystal on Alanna’s side table is an agate crystal geode, which she finds soothing and grounding. Pretty tumblers, candlesticks, a little swan and jewellery reflect off the polished brass side table.

Alanna, have you given your bedroom a makeover from the original style?
We painted the walls, sanded and re-varnished the floors, replaced the heavy drapes with shutters and installed the mural wallpaper behind the bed.

Describe your bedroom style…

Ever-changing to suit the flow of our lives. The last look was quite masculine with block colours and a black and white checked duvet. It’s going through a softer phase at the moment which my husband doesn’t mind.


What do you love most about your bedroom?
The ceilings. They are what drew us to buy this house and I love lying in bed looking up at the beautiful patterns in the steel. It’s a special room – four children got their beginnings in here.

Are there any challenges you had to work around design-wise?
I bought the white swan mirror and then had to paint the wall because it was an insipid off-white which wouldn’t showcase the mirror. I chose the fresh green on a whim.

What are your favourite things about the room?

The moody peony mural, the hearth tiles on the fireplace facade and the ginormous white swan mirror. I also like how we can manipulate the light with the window shutters. We usually have the top ones open so that when we wake in the morning there is a bit of light coming in to make it easier to drag ourselves out of bed.


Have any items been made for the room?
One of the doors on our wardrobe broke, so I made a curtain to replace the door.

Why is your room special to you?

It’s a fab place to escape the bedlam of work and family. The bed is definitely going to need to be upsized as it’s way too squishy once everyone realises I’m missing and piles on. A king-sized area for jumping and flipping on would also be safer and more fun!


Credits: Wooden shutters from Santa Fe Shutters; paint is Resene Karen Walker ‘Quarter Crisp Green’; peony wallpaper by artist Helen Bankers exclusively from Back to the Wall; linen duvet cover, pillowslips and white quilt from Wallace Cotton; velvet quilt, green throw and velvet cushions from Citta Design; gold cushion from Kmart; burgundy cushion and crystal (on white table) from Mid Century Swag; mirror and white side table from Republic; side table in polished brass from Douglas & Bec. All other items are vintage or secondhand finds.



Mixing and matching design eras and styles works

if there is a common element such as colour

Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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