5 essential design rules that will inspire your bathroom reno

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or planning a new update, these design ideas from Mico Bathrooms will help you to create a space you’ll love using

1. Love your layout

A well-designed bathroom should be easy to use and simple to clean. The key to creating a comfortable, functional space is to pay close attention to your layout and the placement of your fixtures. Ideally, the toilet should be placed out of the direct line of the door, drawers and doors shouldn’t obstruct the space when open and there should be enough breathing room around the vanity and in the middle of the room.

When planning your layout, think about your family’s bathroom routine and how the space can best serve that. Do you need more space beside the bath if you have young kids, or do you even need a bath at all? Don’t try to cram things in for the sake of it and think about how the placement of fixtures will impact your lighting and ventilation. Also consider where your current plumbing and electrical outlets are as these can be costly to reconfigure.

2. Get the light right

Lighting can set the tone and lift the mood in a bathroom so it’s important you put some thought into getting it right. Start by locking in your layout and think about how you want to use the space. Will you be applying make up in there? Do you want to use your bathroom as a space to relax? Asking yourself questions like these will help you figure out exactly what you need highlight, so you can plan your lighting design accordingly. A dimmer with a mixture of task and ambient lighting, especially around the mirror, will ensure you’ve got all your bases covered. A bathroom flooded with sunlight is always a bonus so have a think about how you can maximise natural light. If you’re worried about privacy, frosted glass is a simple solution and if you can’t have windows would an addition of a skylight feasible?

3. Create the illusion of space

It can be tempting to choose the latest on-trend products, but what looks great in one bathroom could instead dramatically affect the feel and flow in yours. Choosing fixtures and fittings that are specific to your measurements will make your bathroom look bigger. Consider your layout practically to maximise every nook you have. Many items these days are designed with a space saving aesthetic in mind: think curved showers, smaller basins and floating fixtures such as toilets and vanities. Storage solutions such as recessed, mirrored cabinetry and floating shelves will also help you to combat clutter without taking up extra floor space.

4. Carry through your interior theme

Choose a design that complements the rest of your home. Use any wood tones and colours that appear throughout your home as a springboard for your plan. Designing your bathroom in line with your home’s interior theme will not only create cohesion but will also help to make the design process easier as you limit your options. Use a similar tile from your kitchen for your sink splash back or try carrying the same flooring through. You can have a lot of fun with the finer details like cabinet handles, towel rails and soap dispensers by choosing a style that links back to your home interior. Try matte black for a chic modern look or brushed brass if your home has heritage features.

5. Use an online design planner

An online design planner is an easy way to take the guess work out of the design process. It saves time and effort and because you can view it in 3D, a design planner can give you a real sense of what your new bathroom will look like. Mico Bathrooms, New Zealand’s leading bathroom supplier, has a free online design planner that’s really simple to use. All you have to do is input your desired measurements and then play around with your layout and try different colours and finishes.

Start with the big ticket items like your shower and bath, as they take up the most space, and then add your vanity, toilet and storage. Using a design planner makes it easy to get creative and test out bold looks that you’re unsure of trying out in real life. You can create your bathroom from scratch or if you need extra inspiration you can choose from Mico’s selection of pre-designed rooms . The design planner also allows you to filter the products on their website by colour, so it’s really easy to find something to suit your desired style.

There are so many bathrooms designs, materials and trends around it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect combination for your home. So talk to an expert if you’re confused and they’ll help you make the perfect choice for your bathroom scheme. Chat to one of Mico’s experienced consultants and have some fun with it!

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