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How these innovative kitchen appliances blend seamlessly with your decor

A new ecosystem of smart kitchen appliances saves you housework, time and money – and looks great too

No longer hidden away behind closed doors, today’s kitchens are the design highlight of our homes. Of course we expect them to function well, but we also want them to look beautiful and reflect our personal style.

Leading appliance brand Haier has risen to the challenge with its range of appliances designed to blend seamlessly with your decor, be it minimally modern, quirkily retro or charmingly traditional.

Haier’s fridges, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops and rangehoods are made to match each other with a sleek, elegant look that will work with the changing aesthetic of your kitchen now and into the future.

The state-of-the-art appliances are available in a range of finishes, including black, white and silver, and are wifi enabled so you can control them remotely using the SmartHQ™ app.

The fridge of the future

By creating the right storage conditions, you can enjoy more flavour and nutritional value from your food. Packed with Fresher Techs, Haier’s refrigerators make it easy to store different foods in their ideal environment. Look for technologies like Switch Zone™, which gives the flexibility to adjust one compartment from fridge to freezer and back again.

The dishwasher of your dreams

Create more time for the things that matter in life. Haier dishwashers streamline the washing up with generous capacity, flexible loading and innovative technologies for beautifully clean results without endless rinsing and scrubbing. Choose a dishwasher with the clever Auto Wash program, which senses how dirty your dishes are – then sets the ideal wash cycle.

A clever cooker

Cook creatively and healthily with Haier’s wide range of cooking appliances. Perfect for any occasion, from special events to simple mid-week dinners, our appliances help you to create delicious results every time. Tired of cleaning up? The Pyrolytic Self-clean function on Haier ovens breaks down food residue and makes cleaning easy.

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