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3 easy ways to nail the trend for earthy terracotta bed linen

Give your bedroom a makeover with colours and textures inspired by nature. Here’s how to update your bed linen with warm terracotta tones


Channel your inner magazine stylist – the new season’s Your Home and Garden bedding range is all about mixing, matching and experimentation. Hitting Farmers stores, it marks a move away from neutrals and towards the world of rich colour. Click to shop the earthy, terracotta look and follow the three style steps below to transform your bedroom.

1. Layer it up

Mixing fabrics and textures is all part of this look. The combination of plush velvet and crisp cotton looks luxurious, or tassles, tufting and embroidery add a bohemian feel.

2. Experiment with colour

New bed linen is a good way to try out different shades and unexpected colour combinations because it is easily changed. Welcoming earthy tones of rust, terracotta and clay pink are particularly hot this season, so dive on in!

3. Take the look further

Don’t just stop at the bed. Load up your room with ceramics, potted cacti, woven baskets – and plenty of books for inspiration.


Style Tip

The combination of crisp white and soft green adds a fresh contrast to this warm-toned look. Echo these colours in decorative elements around the room to tie it all together.

Colour palette

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