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4 tips to make working from home more productive

Article by Homes to Love

If you’ve recently started to work from home, we’ve come up with 4 tips to help make your new lifestyle more productive.

1. Location

At the top of our list is finding the best location for your workspace. One of the biggest threats to productivity is not being able to separate your work life with your personal life, so it’s important to build your make-shift office away from your bedroom. Ensure this specific area signals to your brain that you’re in work-mode. This may be on a desk or a dining table, just make sure you have enough room to fit all your needs.

Consider the ergonomics of your desk height, as this must be comfortable to prevent any aches or pains. Increase the height of your computer with a couple of magazines, or add a pillow to your chair. If you need a change of scenery, consider shifting your chair to the alternative side of the desk, or change around your decor.

2. Eat & Drink

Snacks and coffee breaks can be the ultimate distraction when you’re at home. Dipping into the kitchen for just a minute or so can feel tempting but the time away from your desk will add up. Reduce your trips to the kitchen by bringing the snacks to you.

Being mindful and organised about your snacks will prevent you from reaching for that block of chocolate! Consider this list for some healthy alternatives that will keep you focused on your daily tasks and don’t forget the water bottle to keep you hydrated.

3. Declutter

Clear away any distractions on your desk to ensure you stay focused. Remove any mess or other items that could distract you during your day. For anyone who is at risk of online procrastination, consider removing any social media or streaming shortcuts from the bookmarks bar on your browser.

Ensure your new place of work has a cosy feel. Light a scented candle and introduce a plant to your desk, as research shows nature can make you more productive and happier – plus they look good!

4. Focus

Creating daily goals will help you stay in work mode for your usual 8 hours. Putting these goals in front of you can help to remind yourself what you need to stay focused. Write these down on your dairy next to you or on your desktop so you can tick these off throughout the day.

It is equally important to take breaks when you need. Use these as your opportunity to stretch, walk around or make a coffee. There are apps available to help you reach these daily goals, such as Focus Keeper or Forest to record your time and remind you to take breaks.

Use your lunchtime to walk around the block and get some fresh air, so you’re ready to settle down for the afternoon. Before you finish for the day, clear your space and write down your tasks for the next morning.

Words by: Katie Delany

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