How smart technology can save you time and make home life easier

Your Home and Garden editor, Kristina Rapley, shows us how to stop putting technology in the too-hard basket and live smarter with Noel Leeming’s Tech Solutions service for the home

How smart technology can save you time and make home life easier

Here at Your Home and Garden we often talk about living more mindfully and creating a restful retreat away from the stresses of modern life. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, introducing new technology into the home can help you do exactly that, by saving you time and streamlining tasks. However, the thought of getting to grips with the latest piece of tech can often feel daunting and almost like more trouble than it’s worth. But the question you have to ask is: will it help me and my family save time and live better and, indeed, simpler well into the future? If the answer is ‘Yes’, it’s so worth the investment.

“Soon after I moved house I noticed I was chewing through my phone data. Our internet connection seemed fine, and my phone appeared to be connected to it whenever I checked, so I was pretty puzzled,” says Kristina Rapley, Editor of Your Home and Garden. “Our internet provider couldn’t figure it out either so I ended up getting a Noel Leeming Tech Solutions Specialist around and they quickly discovered our wifi connection was dropping in and out multiple times a day and the 3G was kicking in on my phone to compensate (unbeknownst to me!). The Tech Solutions Specialist suggested a newer, faster modem plus an Orbi range extender and even reconnected all our devices, and we haven’t had a problem since. What seemed like a big, complicated problem actually wasn’t at all – I just wish I’d called them sooner. ” 

Now that Kristina has her internet sorted she’s got her eye on some fun new tech products that will save her time and make life more entertaining. From an app-controlled vacuum to a smart TV and voice-controlled portable speaker, you’ll want to make Kristina’s smart technology wish list your own.

Did you know…

When you buy something from Noel Leeming, they offer a whole range of solutions including delivery, installation, support and in-home consultation to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new purchase?

Whether it’s setting up your new laptop or tablet, hanging your TV on the wall, or even recommending the appliances for your new kitchen, Noel Leeming Tech Solutions can help you get the most bang for your buck.

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