Renovation series: master bedroom checklist

How do you use your bedroom? For some it’s just a place to sleep and doesn’t need much more than a bed and some clothing storage. For others, it’s their sanctuary and might include a couch or chaise and even a desk. Do what you can with the space you have.


The master bed

Make sure you can fit your bed into the room comfortably, with enough space to walk around it. Ideally, you want space either side to fit bedside tables to house your lamps, night-time reading, alarm clock, etc.

A walk-in wardrobe

You can get so much more into a walk-in if you plan it well. Think about what you wear and need to store. Drawers don’t all need to be the same size – have a shallower drawer for your lingerie so you can see everything. Ditto with jewellery, accessory and tie drawers. You might want a deeper drawer for your hefty winter jumpers. Create space for your shoe boxes. Be thoughtful with your planning.



A master bedroom is quite often a stagnant space with not a lot of movement. Put in additional windows, if possible, to help with ventilation and to keep mustiness and damp at bay.


If you are a night-time reader, consider wall lights on each side of the bed or pendants hung from the ceiling. At any rate, have a switch for the main light close to the bed as well as by the door, so you don’t have to get out of bed to turn it on and off.


Built-in furniture

If the space is big enough, consider built-in shelving or a window seat, but make sure that you’re okay with whatever restrictions it will place on the way you can arrange your furniture. If your bedroom has a slanted ceiling, build in low-lying cabinets to make the most of the otherwise-wasted space. Keep them concealed and streamlined without latches or handles.


✔ Space planning
✔ Lighting plan
✔ Wardrobe
✔ Windows
✔ Flooring
✔ Cabinetry and storage

Words by: Debbie Harrison and Lizzi Hines of Spaceworks and Room by Room. Photography by: Tony Amos & Maree Homer/, Martin Solyst/Living Inside and Tom Hollow/Hollow Creative and

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