Organise kids’ spaces in 5 days

Professional organiser Natalie Jane from Be Organised shares her top five tips for creating practical living spaces for little ones.

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Day 1

Declutter. Be honest with your decisions – have they grown out of that dress, toy, game or book? Whatever the item may be, if they have outgrown it or no longer use it either give it to charity or a friend/family who will enjoy it. Decluttering kids’ spaces needs to be done on a regular basis!

Day 2

Group similar items together. Clear a space in the room in order to sort things out. This is most helpful when organising their toys, games and bit and pieces.

Day 3

Use the right storage. You may want to reuse and repurpose some of the storage you already have or make a fresh start! Clear plastic containers with lids, labels and/or pictures work really well with kids for their Lego, toys and games. Baskets are great for dress ups and soft toys. Cubed shelving is fantastic in kids’ rooms with fabric or rattan baskets fitted inside, keeping items tidy and contained.

Day 4

Organise. Think about where items should now go. Put things that are frequently used in an easy-to-access place and items that are not used as frequently up higher. Storage under the bed is good for Lego and larger toys, using low plastic storage boxes with lids and labels. Seasonal clothing can be stored in containers either under the bed or on the top shelf in the wardrobe.

Day 5

Get the kids involved! Showing kids how their things are organised, labelled and where they live will make all the difference to helping them keep their space tidy, practical and a fun place to be!

Compiled by: Shelley Ferguson. Photography by: Tony Amos & Maree Homer/

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