Organise your bedroom in just 3 days

Life coach Sarah Laurie shares her ideas for calm and clutter-free bedroom

Organise with a cupboard

Being organised can be very satisfying, but for instant feel-good factor, acknowledge people & values that bring joy to your life.

Day 1

Establish a current and easily accessible wardrobe. Unorganised spaces have a de-energising effect, which is the opposite of what you need at the beginning and end of each day. Sort through your clothing, keeping what you love and what fits you well. Install a wardrobe system that meets your clothing needs, and put most-used items at eye level, with less-used items up high.

Day 2

Organise drawers, get rid of unused items, and store everything functional in an easy-to-access space. Create a safe home for smaller items such as jewellery, accessories, and cherished pieces such as heirlooms. Ensure they are returned to their allocated spot once worn, for peace of mind.

Day 3

De-clutter all surfaces. Table and drawer surfaces should contain items you love and aid in the relaxation process: a lamp, scented candles, your favourite flowers, a great book, photos of your loved ones… A clear space reflects a clear mind.

Compiled by: Shelley Ferguson. Photography by: Tony Amos & Maree Homer/


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