15 low-cost ways to get your home ready to sell

Article by Homes to Love

Sometimes all it takes is a few light touches to get your home re-sale ready. Check out our top 15 low-cost ways to make your home a buyer’s dream


1. Get an idea of how much your home is worth

Ask a real estate agent to assess your property and give you a rough estimate of its value. They’ll also tell you what other homes in the area are selling for. Ask the agent to give you an idea of how much the property would be worth if you spent a certain amount on doing it up. Barfoot & Thompson offer a free appraisal service and can give you an idea of how much your property may sell for in the current market.

2. Kitchen details

A new bench and new handles might be all your kitchen needs for an update – rather than replacing the whole kitchen.

3. Bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings can be expensive to replace, so focus on removing any signs of mould.  Clean and paint any dirty areas.


4. Target market

Have your target market in mind when you’re making your decorating decisions. A real estate agent will help you work out who this market is. Don’t make any decisions that you think your target market won’t like.

5. Remove photos

Remove any photos, it’ll be hard for viewers to imagine living there when your momentos line the walls.

6. Dust

Clean and dust the skirting boards, the top of picture frames and clean the windows.


7. Rugs

Lay rugs where your carpet might be dirty or stained. If need be, get your carpets professionally cleaned.

8. Chipped paint

Remove any signs of old, worn-out paint. Touch up any cracks or chips on your walls or skirting boards.

9. Foliage

Bring the outside in by filling the home with colourful flowers or lush green plants.


10. New towels

Make a spa haven by replacing your old bath towels and mats with new ones that match.

11. Unusual smells?

Are there any strange smells throughout the home? Ensure there isn’t at your open home by giving your home a deep clean. Wash cupboards, fridge and oven in the kitchen and pay particular attention to the bin area. Scrub the walls in the bathroom and use white vinegar to clean out the toilet tank. Open all windows and doors to air out the house and place aromatherapy diffusers and scented candles in problem areas.

12. Declutter!

Throw out anything that is lying around unwanted. You’ll need to be ready to show the home to people at any given moment, so it has to be constantly ready. You won’t have time to clean up at the last minute.


Remove any clutter that lines the top of cupboards or under beds. It’ll make your rooms appear more spacious. Enable the purpose of each room to be clear for the viewer. Avoid filling a room with junk and unused items that could otherwise appear useful as a beautiful bedroom.

13. Go neutral

Ensure there are no dramatic decor elements that only a few people will like. Keep your décor simple.

14. Lighting

Make sure there is plenty of artificial lighting glowing nicely, especially if your home is on view during winter. There is nothing more gloomy than viewing a home that is dark and unwelcoming.


15. Street appeal

Kerb appeal. Stand out on the road and look at the front of the house – how does it look? Is there anything that could deter viewers? One of the first impressions any visitor to the property will get is of the front fence, letterbox and garden.

Paint your fence if it is looking dated. Repaint your front door if it needs it. Use a colour that makes a statement but isn’t overwhelming. A new door mat and plant by the door will freshen up this space.

For more information about getting your home ready for sale head to Barfoot & Thompson.

Photography by: Helen Bankers, Kate Claridge, Todd Eyre and

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