Kikki K. founder Kristina Karlsson: How to create a happy home

Creating photo keepsakes, capturing memories and making them shine in style.

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As we increasingly become more inclined to snap photos on our phones or digital cameras, it’s easy to forget them. It’s so important that we make sure these memories aren’t lost to the digital age – and there are plenty of ways to do so, while making them shine in our homes.

Where to start?

It’s time to start printing again! There’s nothing quite like having physical prints of your photos. Whether they’re simply for sifting through to reminisce with loved ones or displaying in your home, there are so many easy, cost effective ways to do this. I love snapping inspirational finds of my travels on Instagram, but what I love even more is being able to print them as super-sweet polaroids afterwards. We have a great new option to do this through Create with kikki.K, which I’m very excited about!

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Where to next?

Whether you have regular photo prints, Polaroids or Instagram prints, the options for displaying these memories in your home are endless! Why not find gorgeous frames to showcase them on your walls or desktop? If you’re after something a little cuter, try your hand at creating a simple photo bunting. All you need is a length of twine and some mini pegs or clips and you’re ready to hang it. A beautiful option for a workspace or bedroom wall is a moodboard. Simply pin photos or prints to the board, play with backing colours and inspirational quotes, and you’ve got a gorgeous memory showcase in minutes.

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Keepsake books

Turning moments into memories with a keepsake book is just as beautiful. It’s definitely the option to take if you have a little time on your hands; it makes the perfect indoor DIY task during the colder months.

If you’re creating a photobook digitally with a service like Create with kikki.K, my number-one tip is to locate all your gorgeous top-pick photos first and keep them in a folder on your computer. When it comes time to add them to your book layout, you’ll enjoy the process so much more without having to search for photos.

You’ll also have an idea in your mind about captions and quotes, making the process so much quicker. If you’re the hands-on type and you’ve already printed your photos, you might prefer working with prints, paper, stickers, labels, stamps and pens to put together a keepsake scrapbook. Either way, a Photobook or Keepsake Book are a stunning coffee table addition and the perfect way to inject warmth and personality into a room.

Do you have digital photos from a recent holiday trapped on your computer or your phone? Take some time this month to create photo keepsakes – free your photos and give the memories a chance to shine in style.

Words by: Kristina Karlsson


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