Clutter Free Feb

How to organise your cookbooks and recipes for Clutter-Free Feb

Make it easy to cook and create in the kitchen by organising your books and recipes. Use these expert tips to guide the way

Most of us have more cookbooks than we actually need. As new beautifully illustrated tomes appear on our shelves, old ones tend to get lost and forgotten. Set aside half an hour or so to declutter your books, says Natalie from BeOrganised.

Gather all of your cookbooks from around the house. Sort them into categories that make sense to you (ie: by style, alphabetical order, specialty or author). Once you have done this, think about where your cookbooks will live. The storage space you choose sets the limit on how many books you can keep.

Take as long as you need to make your decisions. As a guideline, keep the ones you use and love and move on the rest. Now stack your books vertically so that you can see them and access them easily. You can use magazine or file holders to help stack soft cover recipe books.

Top tips

  • Keep cookbooks you love and use now.
  • Put time limits on books – if you haven’t used it in six months it’s time to let it go.
  • Use Google or apps to find recipes to save on storage space.
  • Create a recipe file on Pinterest.
  • Take favourite recipes out of magazines and put into clear file folders.
  • Menu plan weekly using your cookbooks.
  • Adopt the one in, one out rule if you purchase a new recipe book.

Words by: Natalie Jane from Be Organised.

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