Floral Fridays: How to make a bouquet like a florist

Article by Homes to Love

In this instalment of Floral Fridays, Eden shows us how to arrange a bouquet of pretty pink blooms and foliage, ideal for displaying in a vase or gifting to a loved one.

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Top bouquet-arranging tips from Eden:

  • When creating the bouquet, start with foliage first, spiralling the stems from the centre
  • Ensure there isn’t any foliage or leaves below the axis point of your hand
  • Add the largest blooms first; this will determine the shape of your arrangement
  • Thread the stock through the arrangement, filling any gaps
  • Framing the bouquet with birch adds interest while also protecting the flowers’ stems from breaking when tied with string
  • Trim stems on an angle, this allows the flowers to easily absorb water as they’re not sitting flat in a vase
  • Trim the stems to suit the length of the vase you wish to display it in
  • Change the water in the vase daily and keep flowers out of direct sunlight


A little bit about Eden

Resident florist and events co-ordinator at The Botanist, Eden Hessell has a passion for flowers with nearly 20 years’ industry experience. She was recently named Auckland’s best florist by Metro magazine. You can follow her floral endeavours on Instagram @thebotanistnz.

Videography by: Georgia Bramley


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