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These expert colour tips will help you choose the perfect paint palette

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There’s a trick to choosing a colour scheme that feels fresh and new – take advice from the experts who can see into the future

Resene ‘Quarter Sandspit Brown’

One of the real bonuses of building a new home is your ability to conceive a decorating scheme that flows throughout the house. Unlike a renovation, when you’re likely to tackle one room at a time (and forget which shade of white you used on the trims by the time you get to the next room), with a new build you choose all colours at the same time as part of a cohesive colour story.

The challenge comes from choosing a colour that is on-trend, while also complementing your own taste and the style of your home. We asked the team at Resene for their colour forecast for 2019 and beyond. Here are their top picks:

The new neutrals

• Colour trends often mirror the moods of the moment, so it’s no surprise that we’re wanting to express our concern for the environment, bring nature into our homes and embrace a sense of wellness in soft, neutral shades of green.

• Likewise, rich earthy tones are coming to the fore as we seek to ground ourselves. In a world full of digital chatter we want to come home to a calming environment, which is driving a move towards soothing peachy pinks, delicate nudes and the new soft lilacs.

Colours are subtle, rather than shouty. There’s a slightly smudged, dusky feel to today’s nuanced hues – weathered blues and misty greys make us feel comfortable and secure, while grey-greens are a soul-nourishing new-season neutral.

Even whites follow trends. For those wedded to the de-cluttered, simplified monochrome look, a shift away from stark whites to creamier tones – the colours of soft clay, wheat, brown rice, bamboo and aged paper – keeps it soft and welcoming.

Resene ‘Rascal’

Wallpaper revival

Wallpaper is still riding a wave of popularity, with many designer ranges beautifully capturing colour and design trends and allowing you to introduce pattern and texture into your design scheme.

Botanical graphics remain key, but Resene predicts that the future of wallpaper lies in a blend of these with other natural elements, quirky graphics, typography, revived retro prints, embossing, and metallic and pearlescent finishes.

Oversized murals are all the rage, and design forecasts are even calling for entirely wallpapered rooms again, something rarely seen since the late 1980s!

Going bold

• Life is never simple – and the ever-changing political and social landscape we live in influences our design choices. While many seek solace in soothing colour, for those galvanised to make a statement we see some design trends going bolder, into true reds, shots or yellow or tangerine, and aubergines with a dark twist.

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As New Zealand’s largest privately owned and operated paint manufacturing company, Resene has earned a reputation as an industry leader when it comes to colour.

With free colour consultations available in many Resene ColorShops, plus online advice, brochures and information at your fingertips, Resene are experts in bringing a little colour to your life. Every two years the company launches a new fashion fandeck of exciting on-trend colours, and the new 2019/2020 fandeck is now available in-store.

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