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10 easy ways to boost your mood while staying at home

Article by Homes to Love

Self-care is important when you’re social distancing and staying at home. Try these lighthearted ideas to boost your mood

As Coronavirus continues to sweep the world people are being encouraged to stay at home in a bid to flatten the curve of it spreading. Spending time at home is usually something we look forward to but right now it can feel a little uncertain and troubling. Along with keeping tabs of your physical health, it’s important to look after your mental health too. Here’s a list of lighthearted ways to boost your mood and stay entertained at home.

1. Make a photo book

Looking at photos and revisiting happy memories is a guaranteed way to give you some feel-good vibes. So why not use your time productively and boost your mood by making a photo book online. You’ll finally get your photos off your phone and into a beautifully curated photo album that’s posted to you.

2. Have a movie marathon

Pile up the cushions, grab a cosy blanket, draw the curtains and snuggle down for a movie marathon. Here are some tasty snacks and light-hearted movies to make your next Netflix binge a mood-booster.

3. Read a magazine or book

Unplug from the constant stream of alerts and information by putting your feet up and reading a book or a magazine. You can easily subscribe to magazines or buy books online so they’re sent straight to your door. Plus you can grab a mag from your local supermarket or when you do your next online order.

4. Support small businesses

Supporting local businesses is really important right now. Shopping online is a simple way to help out and many businesses are offering gift certificates that can be redeemed at another time.

In the family bathroom white Muuto ‘Dots’ (handy for hanging towels) soften the look.

5. Pamper yourself

Nothing says mood booster like lighting some candles, running a bath, playing some soothing music, and putting on a lush facemask. Even if you’re only able to do one of these things, you’ll still get a taste of rest and relaxation.

6. Do some gardening

There’s something about being close to nature and using your hands that really helps to ground you and make you feel good. Weeding, pruning and racking those autumn leaves are all simple yet mood-boosting tasks. If you don’t have a garden, give your indoor plants some attention by dusting and wiping their leaves.

7. Listen to a podcast or do a meditation

Screen time can quickly creep up when you’re hanging about the house. Listening to a podcast is a great way to stay entertained and allows you to do tasks at the same time. Or if you really want to switch off apps like InsightTimer offer a range of guided meditations that appeal to both beginners and experts.

8. Do an at-home workout

It’s important to stay active even when you’re at home. Get your heart rate up and those endorphins pumping by doing a workout at home. If you’re unsure where to begin there are plenty of online works outs and fitness apps you can try.

9. Do some decluttering

Tidy home, tidy mind right? Whether you want to go full-blown Marie Kondo or you just want to refold your towels in your linen closest, doing a bit of tidying and organising around the house will give you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment when you’re done. Here are some tips for decluttering different areas in your home.

10. Skype or FaceTime a loved one

You can still be social while social-distancing. Give your friends and family a video call and check in with them. Connecting with your community is important and making time to have a good chat with loved ones is sure to boost your mood.


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