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6 beautiful ways to decorate with florals this Spring

Florals don’t just belong in a vase – use blooming bedlinen, curtains, rugs and even furniture to add colour, pattern and beauty to your spaces

If you love the colours and patterns found in nature and want your interior to bloom beautifully year-round, introducing floral patterns to your home is an easy decision. The only hard part is choosing between the many flower-strewn textiles, wallpapers, accessories and artwork now available.

Flowery motifs have left the safety of Nana’s front room and rambled their way onto a wide range of stunning contemporary prints and patterns. Moody, dark, vintage florals – large-scale, luscious and full-blown – suit both contemporary and older homes; while nostalgic 1970s-style daisies and simple flower shapes rendered in earthy tones are also having a moment.

There are numerous ways to incorporate florals, the key is getting the balance right with your existing decor. If you love the idea but aren’t ready to fully commit, the easiest approach is to add a floral accent through a few accessories – cushions, art, lampshades, candles – or bedlinen. If you’re feeling bolder, a couch upholstered in a beautiful floral will stamp your style on a space and provide a focal point. Then go tonal with the rest of your styling to stop the look getting too busy.

1. Art

We all know the power of art and how it can completely transform a room, so if you are looking for something special to grace a blank wall, consider a floral-themed piece. From gallery investment buys to more affordable prints, there is a vast array of art to choose from which will add impact and enhance your space.

2. Curtains

While current trends are leaning towards neutral curtains that blend with the walls and serve a largely functional purpose, stunning floral drapes can be a great design feature in their own right. If you prefer a neutral or tonal interior scheme but are looking for an accent or hero for the space, a floral curtain fabric could be just the answer.

Tip: Let a floral sofa sing with just a few accessories in complementary colours and muted tones.

3. Cushions

Cushions are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add floral flair to your interior space. From modern to vintage-look florals in velvets, linens and cottons, you are not short on choice. Some designers even have matching cushions and art (as seen in this blue hydrangea living room) if you like a coordinated look.

4. Fresh or dried flowers

To enhance your floral look, don’t forget the real thing – choose from fresh, dried or faux flowers, or a mix of all three.

5. Wallpaper

If you are interested in making a long-term commitment to the floral look, look no further than your walls. Floral wallpapers instantly make a space pop and are a great way to add a focal point to a room. A wonderful place to use floral wallpaper is in the bedroom where it can create a relaxing, meditative, sensual vibe.

6. Rugs

Whether you have wooden floors or carpet, a striking rug can really pull an interior scheme together. Many designers work from the floor up when creating a space and a rug can be a great starting point, providing colours that dictate the room’s whole decor.

If you decide on a floral rug, let it be the hero of the room and resist the urge to add lots of other items, as your rug will quickly lose impact. A round floral rug is also a great way to soften a space so keep this in mind when making your choice.

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Words & styling by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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