10 tips that will help you pull off a flawless bathroom renovation

Pull off a flawless bathroom renovation with Mico’s top 10 tips


1. Consider the lights

Poor lighting in a bathroom could spoil all your hard work by casting shadows or making the space feel too cold and clinical. Talk to your Mico consultant about what lights would suit your budget and needs.

2. Plan plenty of storage

Bathrooms can quickly become cluttered as each member of the family accumulates beauty products and accessories. Even if planning extra storage feels excessive, you’ll probably find you need every inch of shelf space. Browse the options online in the Mico Bathroom Book – an amazing source of modern designs and decor ideas.

3. Save money by utilising paint

Tiling is beautiful but expensive. With good planning, you could avoid tiling altogether and simply use paint to beautify your space, possibly saving you thousands. Other options include glass – which can feature painted imagery – and bold patterned wallpaper.

4. Think carefully about grout

Talk to your tiler about your options and explore the pros and cons of each. White grout looks great to start with but can become discoloured – is there another option that would look good with your tiles?

5. Keep it simple

Avoid curves, steps, decorative mouldings and non-essential details or ornamentation in your bathroom. The simpler the design, the more cost-effective it will be to build.

6. Ventilate

Even if you have a good-sized window, installing a bathroom extractor fan will make your bathroom last longer and prevent moisture from seeping into your home. Browse the range at Mico.

7. Get clever with mirrors

A larger mirror will make your bathroom feel bigger, as will the right placement. Talk to your Mico consultant about the best option for your space.

8. Choose a statement feature

If you’re on a budget, investing in one statement piece will draw the eye away from lower-cost features. A beautiful tap, light fitting or feature tile is a great way to add a sense of luxury. Visit Mico for inspiration.

9. Install easily accessible power points

Think about the small appliances you use in your bathroom and plan power points to suit. A double outlet above your vanity for hair styling tools and another inside a cupboard for charging toothbrushes and shavers is a good starting point.

10. Communicate

When you choose builders and plumbers, establish good communication from the start. Tell them exactly what you want, but also ask them what they need for a smooth and problem-free renovation. Then check in throughout the process to make sure all parties are happy.

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