The Block NZ: See inside Andy and Nate’s house

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The houses on The Block are starting to take shape. Tour through the rooms and get inspired in this complete guide to Andy and Nate’s house


The Block NZ: See inside Andy and Nate’s house

We’re half way into The Block NZ and there’s been a real mixed bag of results from the teams. With eight completed rooms, the houses are taking shape and some solid interior trends are starting to appear.

Fun loving dads, Andy and Nate started off the season with a bang, wowing the judges with a creative paint effect in their kid’s room. But their spot on the leaders board was unfortunately short lived following their disastrous attempt at a black and white bathroom and risky colour combinations.

Painted feature walls have been Andy and Nate’s secret weapon throughout the room reveals. While their finishing and execution has been consistent, the judges have questioned Andy and Nate’s styling as they often find each room has a little too much going on.

Scroll down to take a tour through Andy and Nate’s house and watch The Block Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson reveal interior tips and tricks you can use at home.

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Lessons from The Block with Shelley Ferguson

How to use pink like a grown up

Following a hectic first week on The Block NZ, Yellow Team Andy and Nate won the kids room reveal. The execution of the brief for a 16-year-old girl’s room impressed the judges who awarded them a solid 9/10.

The Hamilton dads painted the ceiling and top third of the wall in a creamy pink and the judges loved their creative take on a feature wall. This dusty pink colour is a growing trend in both fashion and interiors but it can be a bit polarising, so we sit down with The Block NZ’s Challenge Host Shelley Ferguson to find out her favourite ways to use this chic shade at home.

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Lessons from The Block with Shelley Ferguson

How to nail a black bathroom

Andy and Nate’s black bathroom wasn’t well received by the judges and the lads toppled from first place quicker than Jason could say “public toilet tiles”. The scattered effect and matte black finish was too overwhelming, and pushed controversy levels higher than Jamie and Hayden’s black kitchen from Season 4. Although black bathrooms can be polarising Shelley says that if they’re done correctly they can be stunning. She shares tips for creating a striking space:

  • Try black streaked marble tiles
  • Team black tiles with gold or brushed bronze tapware
  • Keep your base white and add a black bath, basin, tapware and toilet
  • Add a black and white statement tile to one section of the bathroom


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Lessons from The Block with Shelley Ferguson

Creative ways to use paint in your hallway

Andy and Nate used their signature paint style to give their hallway a bit of personality. Paint is the quickest and easiest way to add impact to your hallway and the right colour can really change the mood of the space. From painting your ceiling to choosing different colours for your doors, Shelley rounds up some great tips on how to get creative with paint.


Watch the judges comments on Andy and Nate’s kitchen and dining

The brief the teams were given this week was for a functional kitchen with clever storage and a dining room that included a lighting feature.Andy and Nate decided to use the black tiles from their master bathroom in the kitchen, despite the fact the judges hated them.

Watch the judges comments on Andy and Nate’s living room

Andy and Nate tried to create continuity by threading colours and textures from their master bedroom and hallway through into the lounge. Unfortunately the judges were not impressed and thought the overall look felt too industrial, with Jason scoffing at the TV cabinet calling it a “cheap coffin.”

The judges did like Andy and Nate’s wall planter and custom feature panelling, however, and thought it really helped to soften the room. They also thought plush carpet was great for a family living space.

Watch the judges comments on Andy and Nate’s living room

After copping some flack from the judges, Andy and Nate decided to take their advice on board and redo their living room. The judges thought the space worked a lot better in its new configuration and said it felt like usable space. Jason loved the timber feature this time round and said by placing the slats on an angle it instantly felt a lot lighter. He was also happier with TV cabinet thanks to the lighter wood. Although the living room is a vast improvement from the previous week the judges still thought there was a bit too much going on.

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