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Here’s how to shop The Block NZ master bedroom and ensuite looks

Article by Homes to Love

This week the teams had to create two impressive spaces. Here’s how to shop the stylish master bedroom and ensuite looks from The Block NZ

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Sophia and Mikaere


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see what the judges had scored Sophia and Mikaere’s master bedroom and ensuite this week on The Block NZ because they were disqualified for using tools after ‘tools down’ was called. Despite this, and a little bit of over-styling, team blue created a stylish, calming master bedroom filled with sophisticated colours and texture.


Their ensuite ticked a lot of boxes too. They paired a Brazilian stone-look tile with brushed nickel tapware and showerheads for a timeless look.

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Lisa and Ribz


This week’s winners created a plush, hotel-looking master bedroom. They chose a bold green for their feature wall, installed a clever touch lighting system and kept accessorising to a stylish minimum.


For their ensuite, they heroed the green statement tile handpicked by Jason Bonham and paired it with textured white and Italian stone tiles.

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Stacy and Adam


Second place getters this week, Stacy and Adam, created a master bedroom full of light, texture and considered colour. They chose to make a feature of their panelling by painting it dark green and even made their own window seat out of recycled timber. The judges were impressed.


However, they were less impressed with Stacy and Adam’s ensuite. The terrazzo tiles were a win, but they wished they’d been on the walls instead of the floor (which was, in fact, Stacy and Adam’s original plan, but time restraints prevented them).


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Ethan and Sam


Team Yellow are copping a bit of flack from the judges. In last place again, their big creative decision to instal two recessed bedside tables sadly made the judges laugh in disbelief. They were also unimpressed and uninspired by the monotone colour scheme.


Their ensuite didn’t do much better. The judges liked the aqua blue subway tiles (they should, they picked them), but wished they had been placed vertically instead of horizontally.

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