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Inside The Block NZ’s explosive master bedroom room reveal

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Tactical game playing and a costly mistake turned this week’s master bedroom room reveal into an absolute nightmare for one team

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Following a disastrous bathroom week, The Block NZ teams started week four ready to fight tooth and nail to win the battle for their master bedroom and ensuite.

With three of the teams not even coming close to completing their family bathrooms last week, and with Sophia and Mikaere ready to put their massive master bedroom plan into action, they all felt they had a lot to prove.

This week’s double room reveal also meant double the prize money, so with $10,000 at stake the pressure was well and truly on.

Sophia and Mikaere had the most riding on this week’s room reveal. Their dream to create a mega-master bedroom has come at a high price, denting their budget and burning a lot of bridges along the way. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that just having a design vision wasn’t going to to be enough this week. The other teams weren’t going down without a final fight and made a tactical decision to delay Sophia and Mikaere knocking down the wall of their kid’s room, which seriously put them on the back foot.

As the teams scrambled to win extra points to play on room reveal day, the mid-week challenges were more important than ever. Lisa and Ribz came out swinging and nailed the two challenges which, along with the cards from the safe they won back in week two, put them in a strategically strong position.

But the game playing didn’t stop there. Judging day threw lots of curveballs with the Give and Take Challenge, Recycled Wood Project, +2 card and “The Big Steal” card and before we knew it we were feeling more confused than Ethan and Sam in a homeware store.

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Sophia and Mikaere

Room score: Disqualified.
Total spend: $31,417.07

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Sophia and Mikaere had a lot to lose this week, and lose they did. Their dream to wow the judges with a huge master bedroom crumbled in spectacular fashion before them thanks to the most-rookie of mistakes. Mikaere was caught drilling a wall and dressing the room after ‘tools down’.

Desperate to add some accessories to distract from their unfinished space, Sophia and Mikaere ended up not only overcompensating with their styling but costing them the room reveal completely. They were disqualified from getting any points and, to make matters worse, their ongoing feud with Lisa and Ribz put them on the receiving end of “The Big Steal” card. This means they now have to pay Lisa and Ribz $5000.

But, Sophia and Mikaere are playing the long game and their goal is to have the winning edge on auction day. “It’s not going to break our spirits,” said Sophia.

Lisa and Ribz

Room score: 29.5/40
(Jason: 14, Lizzi:13.5 )
Extra points: +2 card
Total spend: $27,199.23

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Week four of The Block NZ 2019 will go down as Lisa and Ribz’s week. After a Block Collective decision to allow Lisa and Ribz to build ahead, they got off to a flying start and went on to win both mid-week challenges.

By using the green statement tile handpicked by Jason as inspiration for their colour theme, the judges thought Lisa and Ribz showed lots of styling improvement. Jason describing their space as “clean, fresh and nicely put together”,  and Lizzi thought both rooms were well finished.

But, it was their game playing that finally gave Lisa and Ribz their competitive edge. After Sophia and Mikaere shot themselves in the foot trying to finish their room after ‘tools down’, Lisa and Ribz decided to play their +2 card to get more points on the scoreboard and won the $10,000 room reveal prize. Lisa and Ribz then happily rubbed salt in Sophia and Mikaere’s disqualification-wound with their “Big Steal” card and nabbed a further $5,000.

“Too bad, so sad, goodbye!” said Lisa.

Ethan and Sam

Room score: 6/40
(Jason: 2, Lizzi:4 )
Total spend: $33,882.10

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Poor Ethan and Sam have been having a tough old time on The Block NZ. The pair were determined to win over the judges after their incomplete bathroom last week and wanted to create a bedroom that felt “very relaxing but luxurious.” So, the boys decided to step out of their comfort zone and used the aqua coloured tile from their bathroom to inspire their paint choices and soft furnishings. They also decided to get creative and built two recessed shelves for the bedside tables.

Sadly, the moment they judges walked into the room they burst into fits of laughter and the sight of the recessed bedside tables. “They’re really bad…They’re not even in close a proximity to the bed,” a shocked Lizzi said.

The matchy-matchy colour also didn’t impress the judges with Jason saying, “It feels like Paint By Numbers in here.”

Sam said they were heartbroken by the judges’ comments, especially after they worked so hard. Better luck next time boys!

Stacy and Adam

Room score: 23/40
(Jason: 10, Lizzi:12 )
Extra points: +1 Give and Take Challenge
Total spend: $33,611.27

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Stacy and Adam were wanting a big come back after last week’s disappointing efforts. “We’re definitely looking for a bit of redemption,” explained Adam.

The judges seemed genuinely pleased with Stacy and Adam’s efforts saying their room was a light and bright space with a lovely mix of colours, textures and finishes. They liked the contrast between the green panelling and orange accessories and thought the bench seat under the window was a clever idea.

Unfortunately, tiles and timing have started to become a running theme with Stacy and Adam. Ongoing troubles with their tilers left Stacy and Adam to DIY the job and the end result was terrible. The judges said their ensuite was too dark and poorly finished and thought it let them down. Adam complained saying the judges didn’t understand the time constraints they were under when picking the wall tile.

Despite winning an extra point for their firehose artwork in the Give and Take the challenge, they couldn’t quite get enough points to nail the win. Maybe if there are no tiles involved next week they’ll have more of a chance.

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