Meet Team Blue from The Block NZ

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Meet Julia and Ali, savvy sisters from Auckland who are this year’s Team Blue. They may be identical twins but they each bring their own unique strengths

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Meet Team Blue from The Block NZ  

Julia and Ali Heaney are identical twin sisters from Auckland who make up The Block‘s second all-female squad, Team Blue. The 28-year-old sisters already own a feature design company together, so they definitely have an eye for design and a track record of working successfully as a team.

With a background in law you won’t see Julia backing down from an argument or awkward situation, while Ali’s architecture degree will no doubt come in handy during the course of the competition.


As the creative driver of their company Ali is very confident in her ability to interpret space and create designs, whereas Julia is more focused and organised of the two. The pair do everything together and even say they know exactly what the other is thinking at any one time.

Ali feels they definitely have an advantage working together because they can be completely honest with each other and says “we communicate well and we hardly ever fight.” Let’s hope it stays that way!

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The Block NZ will premiere Sunday, June 25 at 7pm on Three.

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