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Inside Ethan and Sam’s completed apartment on The Block NZ

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Despite walking away with no room reveals under their belt, Ethan and Sam have completed a lovely apartment. See all the photos below

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The boys had a tough time on The Block NZ. As a tradie and joiner, they had plenty of experience when it came to building, but the styling game was a different story.

They exceeded expectations in week one when they produced an inviting guest bedroom and came in second behind Sophia and Mikaere. But, their streak as the “dark horses of the competition” was short-lived when they produced a truly terrible kid’s bedroom in week two (complete with dangerous fireman’s pole and poorly made bunkbeds). Described by Jason Bonham as “possibly one of the worst rooms” he’d ever seen on The Block NZ, the boys were given an all-time low score of 3/20.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go up from there. The next week they failed to finish their family bathroom, following that they were laughed at by the judges for installing in-set bedside tables in their master bedroom, and their guest bedroom inside apartment five was called “boring.”

Kitchen week was a big turning point for Ethan and Sam. Taking on the advice from the judges’, they went bold with steampunk-style brass tiles, butter-coloured walls and hand-made industrial shelves. From there on they started to improve, although it was never enough for them to take out the room reveal, the judges’ began to compliment their use of colour, pattern and improved styling.

They have a great outdoor terrace area with enviable views over Eden Park and a separate, smaller terrace that leads off the master bedroom.

When the final “tools down” was called, Ethan and Sam had completed a well-finished, well-considered apartment, that will be a relatively blank canvas for future owners (which might be a selling point, watch this space).

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