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Inside Lisa and Ribz’ bold apartment on The Block NZ

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Channelling the funky vibe Kingsland was the main inspiration for Lisa and Ribz’ apartment. Take a tour of the bold space below

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From the get-go, Lisa and Ribz were, to use Lisa’s favourite phrase, “out the gate”. They wanted their apartment to be akin to a “luxurious, boutique hotel” and the arty, funky vibe of Kingsland.

Their first room reveal (the guest bedroom), now dubbed “the pink palace” was hit with harsh criticism by the judges, who couldn’t stand the bubblegum pink wall. But Lisa shrugged it off and continued to do it her way, even if it didn’t always carry favour with the judges.

From the pink palace to the emerald green master bedroom and the electric blue kitchen, bold colours feature heavily in this apartment. Their brushstroke detail gold wall survived a couple of weeks until the judges emplored them to take it down. It’s now covered in dark blue wallpaper.

Lisa and Ribz loved to shock this season, whether it was putting a mustard cushion on a couch (knowing that Jason Bonham would hate it) or placing wallpaper given to them by the judges in the bin, there was never a moment where Lisa wasn’t providing the drama (or feeling robbed by the judges’ frequent low scores).

After Amy and Stu visited in week three, Lisa learned some invaluable styling tips from the former Block winners and adopted a new mantra: WWAD (What Would Amy Do).

Despite only winning one room reveal, they’re the only team who hasn’t had to borrow money from the Bank of Mark this season on The Block NZ. Whether that will pay to be in their favour come auction night remains to be seen.

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