The Block NZ: Week three blank canvas room reveal

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Week three on The Block NZ was Black Canvas, a room reveal where the teams could choose their own brief . We take a closer look at their very different rooms

The Block NZ: Week 3 “blank canvas” room reveal

It was a little different this week on The Block NZ. Week three saw the teams able to choose their own brief for the room reveal, resulting in a real mixed bag of interior styles.

Andy and Nate decided to focus on a “sunny soothing” study and hallway, featuring a punchy statement colour, interesting shelving and a curious piece of artwork.

Stace and Yanita decided to do a versatile, chilled out space for watching telly. Although being called in for a budget intervention, the ladies forged ahead with an American oak desk and a delicate decal for the wall and ceiling.

Ling and Zing chose to do a calming – and according to them “skuxx”- bedroom. After a few debacles with timber, insulation and slacking off, the brothers created a minimal bedroom with a neutral colour palette.

After their first go at a creating a kid’s bedroom fell terribly flat with the judges, Julia and Ali surprisingly decided to repeat the brief and create a little boys bedroom again. With a pared-back palette, cool bed, and cute wall decals we’ll see if they’ve redeemed themselves.

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