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How PlaceMakers can help you with your renovation from start to finish

From start to finish, PlaceMakers has everything you could possibly want for your new build, reno and everything in between

Comprehensive. That’s one way to describe PlaceMakers amazing range of kitchen, bathroom, laundry and wardrobe products. If you’re considering a new kitchen, new home or anything in  between it’s only natural to pay your local PlaceMakers’ showroom a visit for everything from design to installation. You’ll also come away with plenty of design inspiration ideas and knowledge about how to make it happen.

Dedicated showrooms

The thing about PlaceMakers nationwide showrooms is that they have real in-situ kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and wardrobes, as well as finishes from wet-wall linings, tiles, paint samples and so much more. That means you will be able to see all the possibilities for yourself. And should you feel even remotely overwhelmed by the choices available, PlaceMakers’ specialist consultants are there to advise and help you decide what will work best with their expert knowledge. And if you need something special they can help source it.

Interiors solutions

Not only do you get to choose from a huge range of the latest European-styled accessories such as sink mixers, towel rails, shelving, mirrors and so much more, PlaceMakers can also help you find the best way to heat or cool your home, with multiple options from heat pumps to fireplaces, ventilation systems and central heating. You will find easy, customised solutions to best suit your needs and fulfil your interior desires.

Quality control

PlaceMakers seeks out high quality products for all price points. As such, the warranties across the ranges will give you peace of mind to back up that quality. For instance there’s a lifetime warranty on European-made Hettich soft-close internal hardware and a 15-year warranty on cabinetry made with special environmentally certified moisture-resistant board.

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