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5 things Annelies Leitch of Home Lab Store can’t live without

With a passion for experimenting at home, Annelies is always changing and moving pieces of decor around

Annelies Leitch of Home Lab Store

When Annelies Leitch went on buying trips for the fashion industry pre-motherhood, she always gravitated to homewares stores in New York, London and Paris. As a serial furniture mover and cushion changer, she wanted to give people the chance to do the same, establishing online website Home Lab Store to deliver timeless, quality products. And now you’ll find many of the Home Lab Store homewares on our very own online marketplace, Shop Your Home and Garden. Read on to discover five things that Annelies can’t live without.

1. Natural linen sheets

Home Lab 100% French flax linen duvet cover set, $298.99 (queen), from

“For the best night’s sleep, there’s nothing better than fresh linen sheets. Our bed is constantly changing with different colour combinations and testing out samples for our new collections. My linen cupboard is bursting as I can’t decide which is my favourite.”

2. Indoor foliage and flowers

“We’re surrounded by bush at home, and I love feeling like I can bring that inside. Our house is full of plants and flowers. Whether they are fresh or dried, I always have a few bunches scattered around and change where they are and what vases they are in.”

3. Cushion covers

From left: Home Lab 100% french flax linen Euro pillowcase, $58.99, 100% french flax linen pillowcase pair, $78.99, both from

“They’re the best way to change a space and I am constantly swapping the cushions in our living room and bedrooms to freshen things up. You can create different combinations for different looks without having to buy new furniture or change anything else.”

4. Gorgeous glassware

From left: Home Lab ribbed champagne coupe glasses (set of four), $89.98, ribbed cocktail glasses (set of four), $89.98, both from

“I love entertaining and I have a bit of a love affair with beautiful glassware. I can always find space in the kitchen for a new set of glasses that I have seen and couldn’t leave behind, or samples that we are working with. My favourite shape at the moment is a coupe glass for Champagne.”

5. Candle holders

Quadrolite candlestick holder, $89, from Home Lab

“Anyone who knows me knows I love candles and I can never have enough candle stands. Any excuse is a good excuse to light candles. I love the ambience they create in a corner of a room or on a table setting – and there is something calming about seeing candles flicker, not to mention the scent.”

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