The Block NZ co-host Shelley Ferguson’s top 5 tips for townhouse styling

Having spent a fair bit of time at The Block NZ Hobsonville townhouses this year, co-host Shelley Ferguson has some top tips on how to style these high-density homes

Shelley’s top 5 tips for townhouse styling

  1. Townhouses often have multiple storeys with elongated floor layouts. To make the space feel expansive it helps to use the same flooring across an entire level so there are no visual breaks.
  2. Invest in beautiful fixtures and fittings. Often you can’t change the floor plan or materials, but luxurious handles, tapware, lighting etc will elevate the look.
  3. If you have a multi-level townhouse there may be dark areas. Use layers of lighting to brighten and add visual interest such as downlights in the ceiling, pendant lights in the centre, stair-riser lighting, floor lamps, desk lamps and candles.
  4. Use texture cleverly. You don’t need loads of decor items or complicated colour combos to create a beautiful interior. A warm, neutral palette with beautiful paint, textured wallpaper, woodgrain, stone surfaces and nature-inspired tiles will create a light, calm interior.
  5. Amp up the art. Make use of soaring vertical walls such as in stairwells to hang large statement art that ties in with your interior scheme. Also hang a larger piece at eyeline height so it can be seen from a distance, drawing the eye through an entire level of the house.

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