How to add personality to a rented bedroom

Beauty and wellness Thearapist Sietske Koorman lives in an apartment and studio space she rents with her partner, Marcel. We chat to her about her bedroom style…


Q&A with wellness therapist Sietske Koorman

Sietske, what do you love most about your bedroom?
I love Scandinavian style and am inspired by the pastel shades, the wood and the simple design stripped of all superfluous details.

Painting the walls and floors in fresh white

makes the small room feel more spacious and a collection of Marcel’s hats add personality to the wall space

Are there any challenges you’ve had to work around in the room?
The space is quite old and small, but the trade-off is that it’s a social building in the city where everyone knows each other, with lots of lovely little shops along the street. We’ve used a pale colour palette to make the space feel open, and added layers of light, from the natural light through the window to the ceiling lamps that spread a very nice glow.


Have you stamped your style on a rental?
It’s always amazing what colour can do, especially when you’re renting. We are allowed to paint the space, so have painted everything from walls to chairs and boring wooden secondhand tables. Marcel and I love working with our hands, being creative and making things, so our furniture has a cohesive look which helps create an overall style to tie the space together.

Dressing the bed is a great way to add impact

in a rented room

How is your room unique?
We like camping and travelling around, and love finding secondhand shops and markets filled with unique finds, some of which make their way back here.

What are your favourite items in the room?
I love pieces that have an emotional value, like the two vases my grandparents gave me.


Have you made any of the things in your bedroom?
Marcel makes lamps and he made the one featuring the wooden balls. It was a bit of a trial to make, but we’ve had so many positive reactions that he now wants to produce a range of them.

Mix and match printed sheets with a graphic duvet

and layer a blanket or throw at the end

What are your favourite brands? Muuto and HAY are my favourite examples of the Scandinavian style I like.

Credits: Pink blanket was bought for $10 at an emporium; ‘Clean up Your Mess’ print from House Doctor; all other artwork from; black desk lamp from a market; beechwood house and bead lamp both made by Marcel; cushions from Zara Home, Ikea and HK Living; Naco peony crochet rug from; replica Bertjan Pot pendant lights; sideboard (near pendants) made from an Ikea cabinet with a wooden board on top.

 Photos by: Louis Lamaire.

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