The best online fabric and wallpaper suppliers in New Zealand

It can be hard to get access to good-quality fabric and wallpapers that you see in magazines. Alex Fulton helps us track down where to go for the designer goods

The best online fabric and wallpaper suppliers in New Zealand

Where designers get all their fabric goodies from can seem like a mystery – and a perplexing one if you’re trying to find something similar! I hope this goes some way to solving it…

Sourcing big-name textiles and wallpapers from companies such as Designers Guild, Scion, Cole and Son, Mokum, Unique etc is a bit tricky because they usually only deal with interior designers and suppliers who have set up an account with them.

In New Zealand, we have amazing design resource centres dotted around the country which showcase a lot of these companies’ products, but again it’s usually ‘trade only’. However, a lot of suppliers and shops hold samples and can also access cuttings for you, so it may be a case of talking to a local design store or fabric supplier so you can really look at your options.

Spring fling wallpaper

Contacting a local interior designer may also help, and they will be able to source you anything you want. Researching what you are after is the key, then find someone in the design trade to get you access to sampling and then pricing – this should open up a whole new world of textures, colours and design.

There are also some amazing fabric and wallpaper suppliers that deal with the public (listed below), so try your luck there, too.

Words by: Alex Fulton.

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