The expert guide to choosing and hanging curtains

Drapery is more than just a way to block the light and keep in warmth, a well chosen curtain can really change the mood of a room. Our experts share their tips in this smart guide


Drapery tips with Harvey Furnishings

  • Heavier fabrics such as velvets and taffetas will look best in formal spaces. For a more relaxed look, opt for lighter-weight natural fabrics such as linen or cotton.
  • Subtle prints will create a solid colour base with added depth.
  • Don’t use horizontal stripes with a low ceiling. Instead opt for a vertical pattern to create the feeling of height.
  • Pooling curtains onto the floor works well with cottons and linens as they tend to shrink and expand in humid conditions. This option is also good with uneven floors and can create a romantic look.
  • Pleats are still the most popular choice for curtain headings.


Your Home and Garden tips for how to hang curtains

  • Hang them high, at least half to two-thirds the height of your ceilings. Lifting the rod lifts the eye, so the overall space will look taller and more generous.
  • Hang them long to avoid the room looking short (think about cropped pants and what they do to your legs).
  • A rod that’s too short will cause your curtains to hang over the windows, blocking precious light. For a spacious feel, extend the rod at least 15-25cm either side.
  • For a mid-century or modern look, float curtains less than an inch off the floor to achieve a super-straight finish.
  • For a custom look that’s perfectly matched to your room, have your curtains hemmed so they just touch the floor.
  • If you’re a bit of a romantic or love a dreamy European feel, make the curtains 5-10cm longer and puddle them on the floor.

Words by: Annick Larkin and Shelley Ferguson. Photography by: Maree Homer, Angelita Bonetti/

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