Alex and Corban’s office makeover

A budget of $10,000 and some fab styling and shopping skills helped The Block NZ winners Alex and Corban transform this once empty shell into a functional office space


Alex says: “The office is a creative, collaborative space as well as the main distribution centre for our online store, so it’s been very tricky to ensure a balance between minimalist style and functionality.

“Corban (aka Mr Fusspot), clearly cordoned off the key areas he wanted clutter-free. That’s where we’ve mounted pegboard, so that mess and filing and can be stored up high away from.”

Work spaces

The colour palette of black, white and blonde timber was decided early on. The simple scheme can accommodate our ever-changing layout and the styling that comes and goes with each new-season drop of the products we sell.


“Fortunately for us, new stock arriving regularly for our online store means I get to test new styling arrangements in the office. As you can imagine, the decor pieces, accessories and styling changes frequently.

Other than our own product, I love having a good hunt around Junk and Disorderly for fun and quirky pieces to add personality, and Kmart for cheap and cheerful budget pieces. We normally get hands-on and make as much as furniture as possible ourselves to get the look we want within a set budget.”

Worst makeover moment?

“The paint bled through the masking tape when we were painting the grid pattern! I had to start again using better quality tape.”

Styling & text by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Coralee Stone.

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