10 ways to feel happy at home during a cold winter

Article by Homes to Love

It’s hard not to let the winter blues creep in sometimes. Here at Homes to Love we like to use that extra time indoors hiding from the cold to work on creative DIY projects or potting a new indoor plant. Here are 10 reasons to love winter….


1 Do some DIY

Being stuck indoors is the ideal tie to try out some DIY or craft projects. Just think how satisfying it would feel to create this Lego station that doubles as storage, this budget-friendly desk or this statement banner.

 2 Throw a cosy dinner party

Don’t fight the cold, stay inside and have your friends and family come to you by throwing a dinner party. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure it’s a wonderful, enjoyable night. Make it extra special by creating your own place settings.

3 Make mulled wine

Not that you needed an excuse to drink red wine in winter, but try mulling it for extra cosy-factor. Warm red wine slowly in a pot with aromatics and citrus fruit – serve next to a roaring fire.


4 Treat yourself to a new bedding

Upgrade your bedlinen to winter weights to keep cosy, or just refresh your bedroom look with a new quilt or bedcover. Even some new pillowcases will change up your look. Here are 10 ways to get your bed winter-ready, including flannelette sheets, electric blankets and layering.




5 Surround yourself with house plants

Add some indoor greenery during the cold months for freshness and life. Here are 30 reasons why you should! You might find some inspiration from this plant-packed apartment  and discover the best plants for creating your own indoor jungle here. You might need some tips for caring for them too.

6 Do some baking

Fill the kitchen with the inviting scent of a batch of cookies, brownies of cakes. Not only is it satisfying to bake a cake from scratch, but you’ll be the new office favourite if you come in with the container full of these one day.

7 Light your favourite candle

They add a warm glow to an interior and fill the air with a welcoming scent – what could be better? Try these handmade versions by Curio Noir or these seasonal scented candles by MarkAntonia.


8 Become a flower-arranging pro

There are still loads of pretty blooms available in winter and we’ve got some fresh ideas for arranging them at your place. Try this cute jam jar arrangement, this Dutch-style arrangement or this fresh white and green combination that would suit a tall vase.

9 Run a nice relaxing bath

Baths sooth sore muscles promote better sleep and provide a feeling of calm and wellbeing – just the ticket for banishing winter ills and chills. While it’s tempting to run a super-hot bath, keep it at a manageable temperature so you don’t overheat and end up counteracting the relaxing, rejuvenating benefits of a bath.


10 Organise your wardrobe

A change in season is a great excuse for a wardrobe cull. Are you often struggling through piles of clothes to find your favourite dress or the mate to your shoe? You may have reached a point where you don’t wear most of the items in your wardrobe but hold onto them anyway. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a clear out. You’ll feel fantastic afterwards and it will allow you to plan what do need for the upcoming season. Think of it as a fresh start. Here’s some wardrobe inspiration to get you started.

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