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These expert tips will make your living room the cosiest space this winter

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Cosy is always winter’s chicest trend. We’ve put together two fresh and fabulous looks full of texture and layering, perfect for long-lasting and trans-seasonal living

It’s where most of everyday life happens, so, it’s important that your living room is welcoming, comfortable and works for every member of the whanau. Think about the needs of everyone in your house before designing your dream room. How many people will be hanging out on the couches every day? It seems obvious but are there enough seating options? What are you primarily using the room for?

It’s always tempting to decorate the room around the television – but this can restrict your space and how people interact with each other. What other needs do you have for the room? Is storage important? Asking yourself questions in the beginning can enhance your design success in the end.

Smarten up

Think about energy efficiency. Simple additions such as installing thermal curtains and laying down a rug can help you keep the heat in this winter – and keep the power bill low! See below for our tips on shopping for and installing thermal curtains.

Think texture

Just because you’ve chosen a neutral palette, doesn’t mean your room has to be boring. Instead of different colours, think about combining clashing textures. A welcoming winter room demands soft, warm and interesting layers to add cosiness – think wood with white, fine quilting and chunky cable knits.

Look 1: Urban Grey

This is a look that will stand the test of time, with rich textures and tonal neutrals taking centre stage. Grey, ivory and concrete tones combine to create a gorgeous palette, while different layers of cable knits and faux fur complement the look’s classic shapes and wooden accents.

Mixing up the textures of the cushions with checks, grids, tufts and quilting softens the look, and makes the space on-trend yet inviting and casual. Tie it all together with a complementing soft-touch rug in shades of grey, and finish the whole room off with a cute green succulent and a cosy candle.

Tip: Clash cushion patterns & textures for added style

How to choose the right size rug

When it comes to choosing a rug, bigger is almost always better! A good-sized rug will ground all your furniture, not just one piece, and will unify your entire living room. Run your rug under your furniture – at least two legs of your chairs or couch should be on it. This will give the illusion of a bigger space.

The low-down on thermal curtains 

Winter warmth tips from Carrie (General Manager – Home, The Warehouse)

Layer up: Thermal curtains are an absolute game-changer – as well as insulating the room, our range also helps to minimise sound, and block out the sun’s rays. All of our lined curtains have a thermal coating that creates a barrier between the window and your room, which prevents air from entering or leaving, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Floor-length curtains are the best option for both insulation and style – they make the room seem bigger and more polished.

What to look for: Know if you’re looking for curtains that are hung with eyelets, or if they’re hung via hooks. Consider the colour of your walls and furniture when choosing curtains – ensure you pick a complementary hue.

How to install: Measure the length of the curtain track and your desired length of the curtains before heading in-store.

Shop the look:

Look 1 Faux Plant $10, Cushion $15, Diffuser $15, Candle $15, Throw, $29, Vase $12, all from The Warehouse.

Look 2: Desert Oasis

Warm, welcoming and full of life, take your inspiration from the desert with earthy tones, terracotta accents and edgy diamond-inspired prints. Tufted, quilted and two-tone textures combine to create a rich palette of bold colour, while greenery takes centre stage to bring a little oasis of nature into the look.

This lounge is brought down to earth with the rich wood of the Newport coffee table and entertainment unit, while a pop of desert pink, combined with the complementing and on-trend llama print, freshen up the room. Add the stunning Persian rug to tie all the colours together and add even more warmth.

Tip: A neutral sofa works with any statement colour.

How to choose a statement colour

The easiest way is to think about what mood or feeling you’re going for. Do you want warm and cosy? Mustards and yellows are perfect. Calm and collected? Light blue and shades of grey will work wonderfully. Natural and peaceful? Stick with pops of green with tan, taupe and cream. Also consider what you’ve already got in your room, like existing furniture and curtains.

Building blocks

It’s easy to update your look each season if you’ve got the foundations right. A chic neutral sofa is the perfect base for any colour of soft furnishings – never underestimate the power of a throw cushion! When you feel like it’s time for a change, switching out items such as pillows, blankets and vases is a fantastic way of sprucing up your room that won’t cost you a fortune.

How to mix textures

It always takes a couple of different textures to achieve a beautifully balanced room. The key is to avoid finishes and materials with the same surface – for example, if you have a wooden floor and a leather sofa, add a fluffy, woollen or quilted cushion or blanket to break up the smoothness. Layering up furnishings with different feels achieves a polished and professional look.

Shop the look

Look 2 Cushion $12 each, Throw $20, Faux plant $35, Lamp $49, Throw $20, Faux Plant $10, Print $14, Faux leaf $4, all from The Warehouse.

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