6 quick-fixes to add instant style to your bathroom

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Whether you’re renting and unable to make major changes to your bathroom, or you don’t have the capital required to make structural or design changes, these quick fixes are for you. Sometimes all it takes is a little added colour or interest…

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1. Add a hard-wearing rug

A bathroom might seem like a strange room to feature a rug in, but a hardwood or tiled floor will be instantly softened with a hardy rug. A colourful or patterned rug also helps bring individual style into what can be a plain room. Choose hardwearing materials such as sisal or jute.



2. Hang some art

Every room in the house can be decorated with art, including the bathroom. The bathroom is the place to add colour or vibrancy with a cheap and cheerful print, not your best painting, that’s because humidity can damage art. Choose pieces that can easily be replaced, or are moisture-proof, or are covered with glass. A soothing scene would be great above the bath, for relaxing bathing sessions.



3. Add some foliage

Bathroom and greenery are a match made in heaven. Lots of plants do well in the bathroom because they enjoy the humidity. Plants that do well in low-light environments (if you have a small, darker bathroom) inlcude  aloe vera, bamboo, orchids, snake plants and spider plants. Sunnier bathrooms can benefit from foliage such as ferns and azalea. Other low-maintenance plants for the bathroom are Aspidistra, Philodendron and Sanseveria. Place smaller plants on a shelf, the side of the bathtub, on a windowsill or hang them on the wall. A bathroom is a great place for a living wall, or for a fun green arrangement like this wall of bottles.

4. Add a splash of colour with towels or a shower curtain

Towels have gone from an everyday necessity to a work of art with new designs in bold patterns, on-trend colours and lush textures. Make a statement in your bathroom with a beautiful towel – it doesn’t hurt to have a matching set, and don’t forget the hand towels. As for shower curtains, how about this tropical design from Freedom? Or this geo print number from Briscoes?

5. Store things in style

A great bathroom is one with great storage. In the absence of lots of built-in cabinetry, things like ladders for storing towels, baskets for storing products and boxes for stashing away toiletries come in extra handy. Here are some clever ways to add storage to your bathroom.

6. Don’t forget the details

Store toothbrushes in a nice canister, find a dish for that bar of soap, choose a good-looking shower basket and add a cool rubbish bin. It’s all about the details! Give these leather handles a go for storing face cloths or update some plain baskets to place around the bathroom.

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