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Why Haier’s new 8-star energy fridge freezer is worth the investment

Introducing New Zealand’s first and only* refrigerator with an 8-star energy rating

These days, just about every decision we make – whether it’s being an enthusiastic recycler to using your reusable cup religiously – comes back to our individual desire to lessen our impact on the environment. We all want to play our part in treading lighter on the earth and we all try to do what we can.

Are energy efficient refrigerators worth it?

When you’re investing in new appliances, it makes sense to find the most energy efficient one, like the new Haier’s newest fridge, 70cm (model HRF420BEC). Not only will it help the cause, but it could also make your running costs and electricity bill lower. That’s the real win-win.

What is the best energy efficiency rating for a fridge?

In New Zealand appliances are given an energy rating out of six, but some models qualify for a super efficiency rating of up to ten stars. The higher the number of stars, the more energy-efficient an appliance is considered.

Man and young girl emptying groceries in kitchen

What type of fridge is most energy efficient?

Haier’s newest 70cm Bottom Freezer fridge (model HRF420BEC), is the country’s most energy efficient fridge with a market-leading 8-star rating*. It operates at 59.9 percent less energy consumption compared to a 3.5-star refrigerator**, which may be good news when the power bill arrives. By using high invertor compressor technology and an efficient vacuum-insulated panel, it achieves optimal temperature control, alongside energy-saving LED lighting, without compromising on food care.

Multi-Zone Air evenly circulates cool air to ensure a stable temperature, which is ideal for food storage and lasting freshness. The Humidity Zone™ drawer helps fruit and vegetables stay fresh for maximum flavour. And when it comes to freezing, the Super Freeze function cools the freezer down quickly, helping to preserve the flavour and nutritional value of food longer.

Aside from this energy efficiency and advanced performance, the fridge’s sleek contemporary design with a modern flat door appeal also means it’ll look great in any kitchen. You don’t get to be the world’s number one appliance brand*** like Haier is, without making innovative and inspired choices.

Haier fridge with 8 Star rating

Keep food fresher for longer while saving on your power bill with the new Haier refrigerator (model HRF420BEC)

Five ways to keep your produce fresher for longer

1 Start fresh

Choosing the freshest fruits and vegetables is the first step towards extending their shelf life. When selecting your product ensure your greens are vibrant in colour avoiding any yellow or limp leaves. Root vegetables should feel firm and check for any soft spots. Fruits should feel weighty and vibrant in appearance, with no dents and blemishes. The fresher your produce is when you buy it, the longer it will last.

2 Store your produce dry

Moisture can affect the quality of certain foods, for example leafy vegetables might wilt faster. It is best to ensure your produce is dry before placing in the fridge. If you do like to pre-wash your product, make sure they are thoroughly dry with a clean tea towel or paper towel.

3 Understand how moisture can affect your food

We all know that keeping food cold helps it stay fresh longer, but did you know humidity plays a big role in extending the shelf life of food? Haier’s Humidity Zone drawers are designed to maintain the right humidity and reduce condensation, ideal for keeping your leafy greens crisp and fresh. The humidity control system features a plant fibre membrane that acts like a sponge. It adjusts humidity levels, absorbing and releasing moisture as needed. This means your fruits and vegetables last twice as long while preserving their fresh look and taste!

Vegetables in the Humidity Zone of Haier fridgeThe Humidity Zone™ drawer helps fruit and vegetables stay fresh for maximum flavour

4 Keep fruit and vegetable separate

If you’ve ever heard that you can ripen an avocado by storing it in a bag with an apple, it’s true. This is because many fruits, such as apples, bananas, pears and stone fruits, produce ethylene gas, which acts like a ripening hormone and can speed up the ripening process of other produce. It’s best to store these types of fruits separately from your salad staples like carrots, cucumbers, kale, lettuce and spinach. By having separate fridge storage bins or using plastic bags for these gas-releasing fruits, you can prevent faster ripening or spoilage of your other produce, keeping them vibrant and tasty for longer.

5 Customise your storage

When it comes to preserving freshness and taste, each fruit and vegetable has its unique storage needs—some needing refrigeration, others not. Haier has a range of Quad and S+ Side-by-Side refrigerators that are equipped with Switch Zone™ flexibility. This convenient technology lets you easily convert a freezer compartment to extra fridge space, or choose any temperature between -18°C and +5°C with the touch of a button.

For more information and to see more of the Haier range visit here

* As of 4 December 2023.
** Based on a 3.5-star energy rated refrigerator with a 387/kWh annual consumption.
*** For 15 years, Haier has been the world’s number one major appliance brand, based on volume sales. Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2024ed, % unit share, 2023 volume sales data.
Major Appliances category is the sum of dishwashers, home laundry appliances, large cooking appliances, microwaves and refrigeration appliances. Volume sales refers to sales in retail channel, builder merchants and construction channel.

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