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4 DIY crafts with scrapbook paper that will help save money on your decor

When it comes to crafts with scrapbooking paper the options are endless. We round up four of our favourite projects that will make your home look stylish – and save you some money on decor while you’re at it

Plant pots 

+  Clean and dry some food tins then spray inside and out with a cheap can of white spray paint; let dry.
+  Cut pieces of scrapbooking paper 10.5cm x 30cm, wrap each around a tin and secure with double-sided tape.
+  Pop in some soil and a small cactus or plant and you have a cute plant pot.

Stitched notebook 

+ Take 6 sheets white A4 paper and fold in half.
+ Cut out a 22cm x 30cm piece of scrapbooking paper for the cover and fold in half.
+ Place plain sheets inside cover and use a basic stitch to sew cover and sheets together along the crease.
+ Fold and press down along spine.
+ Try making different sizes, too.


Wall hanging

+ Cut out 42 rectangles from scrapbooking paper, each 7cm x 10cm.
+ Round off one end using a small lid as a guide.
+ Take a full sheet of scrapbooking paper, fold over 4cm at one end.
+ Place 50cm length of 10mm dowel under fold and stick down paper with glue or double-sided tape to hold dowel in place.
+ Glue or tape rectangles to sheet, alternating patterns.
+ Cut some of the side pieces in half to get the best design.
+ Let dry overnight then hang using 60cm of cord, ribbon or twine.




Cards and bows 

+ Save yourself some cash by making your own paper bows and greeting cards.
+ For the card, take a piece of 16cm x 22cm scrapbooking paper and fold in half.
+ Write your message inside and pop in an envelope.
+ For the bow, cut out a 6cm x 27cm strip of paper and draw on a bow template (we used a free one from Pinterest); cut and stick as per instructions.
+ Attach to gift boxes and presents with tape.

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Rebekah Robinson.

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