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How to make your own moodboard

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Get your creative juices flowing with this stylish way to display photos, favourite sayings and things you aspire to. Whether it’s for your home office or bedroom, this wooden moodboard can be whipped up in no time

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You will need

-Das Exhibition 18”x24” hardboard panel, $44.95
-Photos printed at the Print and Copy Centre, from $0.19c each
-Rosies Studio Everyday Black Ribbon, $2.50
-Designer Scrapbooking Paper, $29.99
-Vellum & Foil Pad, $19.99
-Scrapbooking Journal Cards, $4.99 and Snappy Photo Frames, $3.99
-Impact Staple Gun, $19.99
-3M Picture hanging strips, $12.99
-Scotch Washi Tape, $4.50, all from
Warehouse Stationery


Get started

Put the board together. Take two pieces of ribbon and staple each side to the back of the wooden canvas using a staple gun. The ribbon will be used for clipping or pegging your paper items onto the moodboard. Hang on the wall using picture hanging strips.

Tips for decorating the board

  • Take the photos you had printed and use sheets of your scrapbooking paper to layer behind them. Create some shapes out of the scrapbooking paper (we’ve cut out heart shapes) to glue on top of the sheets of paper. Layer these on top of each other and use a clip to attach to the ribbon.
  • Use adhesive photo mounts to stick on top of your photos, then use washi mtape or pegs to attach to your board.
  • Print out a monthly calendar, tear out pages from your favourite magazines and use the scrapbooking journal cards to display quotes and other inspirational imagery.



Make the notebooks

We have used Rosies Studio scrapbooking paper and cut it down to the same size as some A4 sketch pad paper. Then we used a sewing machine to sew horizontally down the middle, fold on the sewn line and your notebook is done!


Make the garland

Scrapbooking paper was also used for the scallop garland. To make garland take a 2 metre piece of twine and lay out flat on a table, cut your scrapbooking paper into circles using scissors or use a punch (ours are 12cm in diameter). Fold the circles in half and lay in between the twine, then glue in between and flatten. Continue this step till all your circles are on. Drape your garland on the side of your moodboard or secure to the wall around it with washi tape or drawing pins.


Created by: Vanessa Nouwens.


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