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How to paint skirtings, trims and architraves

Article by Homes to Love

Apply the finishing touches to your paint job by tackling the skirting, molding and trims


So you’ve read and accomplished How to: Paint a ceiling, along with How to: Paint a room

Follow these three simple steps to complete the finishing touches on skirting, trim and archtraves

  1. Wait until the walls and the ceiling are dry. Give them at least a full day.
  2. “Reverse tape”, applying tape to the edges of the walls and the floor, leaving only molding and trim exposed. When painting the skirting next to carpeting or flooring, protect the carpet/flooring with a plastic paint guide which is a long, thin strip that wedges under the skirting line.
  3. Use the tip of your brush to cut in on the top and bottom of the molding. Then, with long brushstrokes, cover the space between.



Brush painting tips:

  • Hold the brush like a pencil
  • Don’t have too much or too little paint on your brush, coat the bristles only about a third of the way up the brush
  • Paint with the edge of your brush, the slimmest side

Cutting in:

  • Start away from the edge and slowly work your way in, this way you can see how much paint you have on the brush, and can eliminate paint drips and runs

Achieving the perfect finish:

  • Always sand in between coats; this is tedious but this is what the pros do

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