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How to make a corsage

Article by Homes to Love

With ball season in sight, we’ve created this fun how-to with floral superstar Eden Hessel to help you create your own floral corsage

A corsage is a mini arrangement of floral blooms, worn on the wrist for special occasions such as school balls.

For this fresh white corsage you will need:

-Asparagus fern
-Viburnum berries

-Thick wire, thin wire
-Florist tape
-Hot glue gun
-Florist adhesive
-A cardboard circle

How to wire a flower

This how-to video shows the correct technique for wiring light foliage with thin wire. Hardy foliage such as viburnum will require thicker wire. To wire the ranunculus, pierce the stem at the top, thread the wire through, pinch it down and wrap wire around the stem twice.

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Eden’s top tips for creating a corsage

  • Make sure your ribbon is long enough to tie around your wrist
  • Because blooms are out of water they need as much supports as they can get – the wire is acting as its stem
  • Don’t be shy with the hot glue gun
  • You can keep gluing more flowers until you’re happy with the shape
  • Avoid blooms that won’t last long without water such as hydrangea, tulips
  • Use dried flowers, Gypsophila is great, spray roses, berries, mosses, succulent
  • You could get most of your greenery from the garden and buy one pretty flower

Special thanks to: Eden Hessel and Clinton Richards from The Botanist.

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