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Four ways with: Magazines

Get creative with old magazines.


A – for effort

Choose a block letter you wish to cover. Select your colour palette and cut pages from a magazine. Cover the letter with a layer of papier mâché to act as a base. Wrap white straws with approximately 70mm strips of the magazine pages. Apply a light layer of PVA glue and tightly roll the paper around the straw three times. Glue wrapped straws onto the letter keeping them condensed. Trim any overhang with a sharp craft knife.


Hang tight

Use two different-sized hole punches to make circles of your desired colour choice from magazine pages. Apply a small piece of double-sided tape to one of the larger circle cut-outs and sandwich a piece of string between this and another circle. Repeat with the smaller circle cut outs. Attach the string with large circles to a large circular hoop and attach the smaller circles to a smaller hoop. Hang with the smaller hoop in the centre.


Strung out

Cut out large and small circles from a magazine in your desired colour. Stick a small piece  of double-sided tape on a large circle then fold in half  over a piece of string. Do one row of large then  a longer row of small circles. Tie each end to a skewer letting the longer row hang down lower.


How I roll

Decide how thick you want your trivet, then fold strips of magazine pages concertina-style to that width. Fold approximately five times over. Coil folded strip in a tight circle and fasten with a piece of double-sided tape. Repeat the first step and continue to coil. Apply thick amounts of PVA glue to bond the rows together.

Plant from The Botanist; stool, table and plate from Freedom; throw and cake stand from Allium; mug from nest; jug stylist’s own.

Words by: Catherine Hills. Photography by: Bauer Media Group Studio.

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