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Four projects using linen

Create your own napkins, throws, cushions and tea towels with the most beautiful natural fabric – linen!


1. Napkins

Cut linen into 48cm squares, then hem with a sewing machine so you have 45cm squares, forming your napkins. Mix chosen fabric dye in a bowl with hot water. Wet napkins in water, then dip about a third into dye. After 15 minutes, push napkin another 5cm into bowl, to create a lighter shading. After 5 minutes, dip napkin slightly deeper for 1 minute then rinse napkins until water runs clear and machine wash before use.



2. Stamped throw

Stick 2 pieces of adhesive foam together to make a thicker piece. Cut into desired shape and stick on a small block of wood to create stamp. Cut large piece of linen to desired size. Use a paintbrush or small roller to apply fabric paint to stamp. Stamp a design onto linen, using one stamp or several. Reapply paint every few stamps. When dry, iron on reverse.



3. Frayed-edge cushion

For a 45cm square inner, cut 2 pieces of linen into 60cm squares. Lie one on top of the other and lightly mark a 45cm square in the centre. Sew pieces together along 3 sides of the marked square. On the open side, sew an invisible zip between the 2 layers. Fray each edge by removing the horizontal threads then trim
to desired length.



4. Mudcloth tea towels

Research mudcloth patterns and then practise drawing a pattern on paper. Hem linen to 55cm x 75cm. Lay linen on a flat, protected surface and tape down edges with masking tape so it is smooth and won’t move. Draw pattern onto linen with permanent fabric marker. Make sure it’s straight and even by using tape as a guide.

How to get the look

Linen, Rit fabric dye powder, fabric art marker, fabric art paint, adhesive foam, balsa wood blocks, zip and thread, all from Spotlight. Wonki Ware mug and Esrum dinner plate, both from Indie Home Collective; vase from Tessuti; black cutlery from Father Rabbit. Sylph hanging rack from I’ll Hang It Here; fluted flower pot and leaf stool, both from Tessuti. Walton basket from Freedom; Ottoloom hand towel and retro chair, both from Indie Home Collective; cushion from Nodi Rugs. Gidon Bing vase from Simon James Concept Store; timber board from Indie Home Collective; wooden spoons from Father Rabbit. Wall painted in Resene ‘Half Gravel’.

Created by: Sam Smith.  Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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