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Four ways with: Gift wrap

wrapping paper, DIY, pot plant, Christmas

Living present

Cut a large square from wrapping paper. With patterned side facing up, fold paper in half in a triangle shape (keep the point at the top). Fold right corner over towards left side, keeping the top edge of the flap parallel to bottom fold. Repeat with the left side. Fold down the front piece of the top flap, creating a pocket. Place succulent in a jar inside the pocket. Secure with string.

Christmas cracker, DIY, wrapping paper

Crack me up

Place a cardboard roll onto three sheets of tissue paper. Slide cracker snap through roll and tack each end to the roll with spot of glue. Wrap tissue paper around roll, secure with glue or tape. Tie one end with ribbon. Fill with trinkets. Secure other end with ribbon. Cut a piece of wrapping paper (slightly smaller width than roll) and wrap around outside of cracker. Secure with glue or tape.

place mats, Christmas, wrapping paper, DIY

The right place

Make a simple place setting with a large, wide strip of wrapping paper. Cut a triangle shape at one end. Fold the other end over a piece of brown card that doubles as a placemat. Cut a small strip of wrap, secure around a cake pop stick with double-sided tape. Cut the outside edge into a flag shape. Tie a bow at the top with baker’s twine.

wrapping paper, gift wrapping, ideas, DIY, Christmas

Full circle

Get creative with wrap. Cut circles out of wrapping paper, adhere to presents wrapped in brown paper. Alternatively, cut a small strip of wrapping paper and wrap over brown paper-wrapped presents. Or, thread circle with twine and use as an embellishment.

Words by: Tanya Wong
Photography  by: Wendy Fenwick @ Flash Studios
Interior Designer: Wall painted in Resene ‘Bud’; succulents from The Botanist

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