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Four projects with yarn

Spin a fine yarn with these four projects using tried-and-trusty yarn, reinterpreted for today


1. Wall hanging

Cut yarn into 2-metre lengths. Fold the yarn in half and loop onto a metal ring by passing the free ends through the looped end. Repeat the process until you have the desired amount of yarn. Trim the yarn into a desired shape, then lay the hanging flat and spray paint the bottom edge.


2. Threaded canvases

Measure and mark the centre of the canvas and outline the desired shape in pencil so it is centred. Using a large sewing needle, sew yarn into the desired shape by following the outline.


3. Kokedama

Start with a well-established succulent and gently extract it from the soil, leaving roots intact. Grab handfuls of damp sphagnum moss and firmly compress around the roots of the succulent to form a ball. Wrap fishing line around the ball to hold everything in place. Add more moss for a larger ball. Finish by wrapping it in yarn and suspend off the ground if desired. Water weekly to keep the moss damp.


4. Decorated arrows

Decorate lengths of dowel by winding them with thin yarn in different colours. Glue ends to wood. Cut a feather in half and attach to either side of wood. Sharpen the end with a pencil sharpener.

Photography by: Melanie Jenkins @ Flash Studios. Created by: Sam Smith.

Credits: Concrete stool from Thread Design; glass vase and white table from Shut The Front Door; frosted votive and plant from Indie Home Collective; concrete planter and plant from The Botanist; bowl, cups and plate all stylist’s own.

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