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Four easy DIY projects with felt

Whether you’re looking for craft projects to sell or keep, these four easy ideas with felt are sure to hit the creative spot


Felt toy

+ Cut out 2 pieces of 30cm x 20cm felt and place on top of each other.
+ For the legs, cut two 30cm lengths of wide ribbon, fold in half and slip cut ends between bottom edges of felt pieces; pin in place. + For the arms cut two 20cm lengths of ribbon, fold in half and slip cut edges between sides of felt pieces; pin in place.
+ For the hair, cut 10 pieces of ribbon about 18cm long, fold each in half and slip cut edges between top edges of felt. Pin all the way around. Leaving a 1cm seam, sew edges, leaving a gap at the bottom for filling.
+ Stuff the toy with filling, sew up the gap and stick on googly eyes with a hot glue gun.



+ Draw a 30cm x 26cm hexagon onto a piece of foamboard.
+ Cut out using a ruler and craft knife. Use this as a template to cut out 7 more hexagons. Place template on felt and draw around it. + Cut out, allowing a 2-3cm border all around.
+ Glue felt edges with a hot glue gun and fold over foamboard, securing at back. Repeat for all hexagons.
+ Once glue is dry, attach 3M picture strips to back of each and hang in desired pattern.



+ Cut out 15 felt ‘tongue’ shapes measuring 14cm x 8cm in varying colours.
+ Turn the top 2cm over and sew along edge to make an opening for the ribbon.
+ Thread shapes onto ribbon or cord and hang.



+ Take a drum lightshade (ours was 35cm diameter) and cut a band of felt to wrap around it.
+ Allow for a 2cm overlap at the ends and 5cm extra top and bottom.
+ Secure felt at back using a hot glue gun.
+ Carefully apply hot glue to top and bottom of felt and fold over to the inside.
+ Leave to dry then hang using a light suspension kit and bulb.

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Rebekah Robinson.

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